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Welcome to the SSSC Website

The SSSC website is used to publicise the functions and activities of the SSSC.

Follow our news below.
16 Jan 2014 Find out more about forthcoming Social events here
16 Jan 2014 The SSSC Website is now up and running again now that our access issues have been resolved.
09 Aug 2013 Membership Packs

Unfortunately due to the delay in forming a new committee, membership packs will not be available until the 8th September. Last season's cards are still valid and can be used to buy tickets.
26 Jul 2013 Membership Update

If you have been wondering why your cheque hasn't been cashed yet,  its because we were hanging on for the appointment of a new membership secretary to ensure continuity. When  the future of the SSSC became uncertain  after the first  AGM session was held, we decided to wait until  after the second session  so that in the worst case scenario we could return uncashed cheques rather than  have a big refund programme to deal with.

You can expect your cheques to be paid into the bank shortly as the new Membership Secretary gets into the swing of things.. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and patience.

You can find out more about being a member of the SSSC and
download a form to join here.
26 Jul 2013 Your New SSSC Committee

Welcome to the newly elected SSSC Committee.  All their names have now been added to the 'Committee' page [though we don't have all their photo's yet !]  Have a look who's doing what here.
25 Jul 2013 Even Better News for the SSSC

Six Committee members were elected at tonight's meeting .. this means that at their first Committee meeting, they can co-opt someone to fill the very important role of treasurer and, more importantly, that the future of the SSSC is secure for another season.. The Committee page will be updated later this week.

23 Jul 2013 Belfast Double Header

Details of the Belfast "Double Header weekend"  will soon be available. Please check back later !
23 Jul 2013 September Scottish Weekend

We are now taking bookings for the trip up to Scotland  Saturday 14th  / Sunday 15th September. Please check the Away Travel page for further details.
23 Jul 2013 Great News for the SSSC

The SSSC are delighted to tell you that when nominations closed on Thursday 18th July, nominations had been received for six of the seven elected positions on the SSSC committee. This means that if all the nominees are elected, the SSSC will continue to serve its members and support the Steelers. In addition, the committee would like to express thanks to those people who have offered to help and support the committee on match nights and at SSSC events.

We would therefore like to remind you that the continuation of the AGM will take place in the Glacier Suite at Ice Sheffield on Thursday 25th July at 7.30pm [Doors open 7.00pm]
30 Jun 2013 Is this the end of the line for the SSSC ?

Over the last few days, SSSC members have been receiving letters to tell them what happened at the AGM last week and the implications for the future of their Supporters Club.

Following the various committee members’ reports and the approval of the accounts, the decision was taken to suspend that meeting and to arrange a further meeting. This is because there were not enough candidates for election to form a constitutionally legal committee – the SSSC Constitution states that the Committee must have four elected members and only three nominations had been received.

With this in mind, a meeting has been arranged for Thursday 25th July at Ice Sheffield in the Glacier Suite to start at 7.30pm. It is hoped that by 18th July, additional nominations will have been received for the committee and the election will be able to proceed. If this is not the case, the only alternative will be for the members to formally ‘wind up’ the SSSC and to decide what will be done with its remaining assets. In short, the SSSC and all it provides will cease to exist.

If you are a member of the SSSC and feel you can make a contribution to the SSSC by serving on the Committee, please visit the 'Committee' page of our website  to see what is involved in each position and complete either the nomination form which came as part of the letter we have sent to SSSC members this week or, download a form  [below]  

27 Jun 2013 Nomination forms for the 2013 / 2014 Season Committee Member positions are available to download HERE.
25 Jun 2013 The 'Mobile' website is now online.
23 Jun 2013 The  "Mobile" version of this website has been turned on. It is now loading and should be live within the next couple of days.
18 Jun 2013 Your SSSC Committee would like to invite all members to the AGM to be held on 20 June 2013.




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